Monday, January 20, 2014

All Or Nothing Series

Don't miss our new 'All Or Nothing' article series! Coming soon! 

   "Humanity admires feats of heroism, sacrifice, love, and honor. We revere people who stand up with fervor and fight for justice, truth, and who forgo their own personal gain for the benefit of others. We are moved by acts of courage and valor, and by the people who accomplish them. When someone inspiringly portrays these acts in a film, we award them with Academy Awards and Golden Globes. The stories that we cheer on, laugh with, and cherish are the ones of great love, great courage, or great sacrifice. The stories of people who laid down their life for another or who go to great lengths for love. These are the ideals that humanity identifies with, and in which we search for our purpose in life. Out of all of the stories, legends, and tales, there is one true account of love, sacrifice, courage, and hope that stands above all the rest. The story of Jesus Christ is the greatest account of courage, the utmost description of sacrifice, and the deepest love story ever told…"                

If you haven't read our base article for this series yet, here is a link: All Or Nothing