Creationist Company

Creationist Company is a nonprofit organization that unites young Christians with a common defense of the Creator and teaches the world that evolution is not our origin--while making sure teens are off the couch and changing the world. 

Devoted Generation

Devoted Generation, formerly Teens 4 Christ, was started in August 2011 when I began to hear of “Christian” teens brought up in a Christian home forsake their beliefs and fall by the wayside when they got out of high school. When they were in school, they looked and acted like they were all about pursuing Christ. My conclusion is that they didn’t all of a sudden change when they graduated, instead it was a heart problem all the way through high school.

I was afraid that either my classmates or I could very well end up the same way. I came up with the idea of a blog, a way that I could encourage other teens to pursue Christ and recognize that He is the only One that satisfies, as well as helping me write my way through my questions that I struggle with at any given time.

The name of this blog comes from Matthew 6:24. The idea is that Christian teens can be a generation devoted to God, with hatred for sin.