Friday, November 1, 2013

Creation vs. Evolution: Part I

I was recently told that “the debate between creation and evolution has been over for centuries and only religious fanatics deny the science.” Now this begs the question: does science disprove creationism? Is there no proof for intelligent design in the universe? Is there no evidence of a Creator? You may have heard people ask questions along these lines and maybe you have had them yourself. Atheists like to make a belief in God into something to be mocked, a belief only held by the uneducated and foolish. Are we foolish to believe in a Creator, is evolution proven? No, evolution is not a fact. It is riddled with holes in its very basic claims. Evolution’s basic claim that life evolved from simpler life forms lacks any hard evidence. If evolution
is really the process that produced today’s life forms, we should see evidence for it in the fossil record. Also, if evolution produced life, luck is the only basis for the enormous amounts ‘coincidences’ that make the universe the perfect habitat for human life.  

 If everything on this planet evolved from simpler life forms, there should be fossils of half evolved creatures, right? Out of the thousands and thousands of fossils that have been discovered, there has not been a single concrete example of a half evolved life form. These half evolved fossils are known to science as intermediate links. Evolutionists have been desperately searching for intermediate links for years. There are only two fossils that have ever been discovered on which evolutionists can base a shaky claim to be intermediate links; and a very loose claim at that. One of the two fossils is known as Australopithecus. Scientists believe Australopithecus is an example of an intermediate link between apes and humans. This fossil has all of the characteristics of an ape except for one small detail, its ankle bones could possibly be arranged in a way that would allow this ape to walk upright more comfortably. Now this is a very small and circumstantial piece of evidence on which to be basing the evolution of humans from apes. If evolution really did produce all of the life we observe today, then the fossil record would be filled with intermediate links, but this is not the case at all. We should see half evolved creatures such as one eared antelope, one eyed giraffes, or legless cows, but we have no evidence of anything of that sort.  
              The next point is something called the Cambrian explosion. The Cambrian explosion presents a very difficult obstacle for evolution. The earth’s different rock strata are separated into different layers, the deepest level of rock obviously being the oldest and the higher layers are younger. If everything evolved from lower life forms throughout millions of years, the deeper, older rock strata should contain simpler life forms. This is where the problem for evolutionists is presented. In one of the oldest layers of rock know as the Cambrian layer, fossils of practically every life form we see on the planet today have been found. If evolution were true, then the Cambrian layer should only contain very simple life forms like bacteria, but it is overflowing with complex life forms. This fact backs up the words of the Bible which say that God created all of the animals on the same day (Gen1:24-25).
               Another interesting concept is something called the anthropic principle. To explain the anthropic principle I will use an analogy used by Dr. Rice Broocks in his book God’s Not Dead. The example he gives is this: if you arrived at a hotel, opened the door to your room, and found your favorite foods, your clothes, pictures of your family, and your favorite movie playing, you would expect that someone knew you were coming. The universe contains incredible evidence that it was designed with humans in mind. The very air we breathe is a testimony to this fact. Air is not made primarily of oxygen, but of nitrogen. Lucky for us, nitrogen does not react with our bodies in any way and is perfect for diluting oxygen. Although we need oxygen to survive, too much of it is poisonous to the human body. Too much oxygen can cause lung damage and even blindness.  Another example of these lucky coincidences is water. Water is one of the only substances where its solid form floats in its liquid form. While ice floats in water, this is not the case with the majority of compounds. The reason that this is the case is because of something called hydrogen bonding. The hydrogen atoms in H2O form bonds with each other, causing the solid state of water to become denser then its liquid state. Why is this important? Well, if ice were less dense than liquid water, when water sources began to freeze the top layer of ice that formed would sink to the bottom and the water source would begin to freeze from the bottom up. Instead of forming top layers of ice, our water sources would freeze completely and kill all of the life contained in them. Scientists have hypothesized that without hydrogen bonding life on earth could not exist. These lucky coincidences appear all throughout the universe, pointing to an intelligent designer who created the universe with humans in mind.

                If evolution were really the process that produced the life we see today, the fossil record would be full of intermediate links and rock strata would have increasingly more complex life forms. Neither of these situations are the case. Millions of years of evolution would have provided overwhelming evidence for evolving life forms and the fact that the universe appears to be incredibly fine tuned for human life cannot simply be explained away as chance. The universe is full of thousands of lucky coincidences that allow human life to thrive. Also remember this: science cannot prove anything. Scientific laws that had been believed as a fact for thousands of years have been shown to be faulty. Science can never prove that something is a fact; it can only supply evidence for something to the point where the evidence for something outweighs the evidence against. Evolution, despite many claims that it is a fact, is lacking evidence for many of its key components. The pure majesty of creation points to an intelligent, majestic designer. As Romans 1:20 says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” The majesty of God has been revealed throughout creation and “the heavens proclaim the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). If someone, no matter the weight of evidence, will not believe what the evidence supports, their argument leaves the intellectual realm and becomes a spiritual issue. Whether you are an atheist or a believer, if we are actually on a search for truth, not simply facts to support our beliefs, we will do as Socrates said and, “Follow the evidence wherever it leads.”